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Mukhwas – An Indian Origin Mouth Freshner

Mukhwas – An Indian Origin Mouth Freshner

Mukhwas is normally eaten after meal; it comes in different variant, colors, aroma and taste, it is good for digestion. It is a combination of two words “Mukh” means Mouth and “was” means smell. Mukhwas is made differently by each manufacturer some make it out of variety of seeds, some add powdered seeds along with pomegranate seeds. A lot of people make it in house, as they don’t like flavours available in market. Some People prefer sweet or Namkeen (savoury). Mukhwas also contains essential food aroma oils, which enhances the flavours all together. Most of the Mukhwas have a combination of Fennel Seeds, Coriander seeds, Watermelon seeds along with a combination of salt and sugar. People also chew mukhwas for its Medicinal values. Consumption of water after chewing Mukhwas leaves a sweet flavour in your mouth.

Kashmiri Mukhwas is one of the pioneers in manufacturing Mukhwas in India. They manufacture this largely consumable item on a huge scale. They have a unique recipe of making Mukhwas and it is widely accepted. They also export their products to western countries, South East Asian and Middle East countries, where there is a big Indian Population.

Common Ingredients of Mukhwas:
Fennel seeds (saunf), White sesame seeds, Dhania dal, Flax seeds, Carom seeds (ajwain), Dill seeds, Dried coconut ( khopra) grated, Rock candy (khadi sakhar) broken, Dried ginger powder (soonth), Jeshtamadh powder, Cinnamon powder, Clove powder

Benefits of Mouth Freshner – Mukhwas

  • Good for Digestion
  • Preventing Bad breath
  • Essential oils is helpful for joints
  • Good for Eyesight

Kashmiri Mukhwas is prepared differently, this article just talk about Mukhwas in general.

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