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Kashmiri Sounff

Kashmiri-Sounff-Fennel-Seed, Sompu, Varyali, Tasty & Healthy

Sounff, Roasted Sounff, Good, Tasty and Healthy for All Age Group, Processed Fennel Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Sompu, Varyali.
Sounff Near me, Best and good Quality Sounff, Manufacturer of Fennels seeds, Manufacturer of Sompu, Manufacturer of Varyali, Best Quality Sounff in India. Paan Ingredients. Sounff helps in improving digestion because of its fiber like nature. Kashmiri Sounff also helps in overcome bad breath, hence improve confidence.

Fennel seeds ( Sounff) is used in a lot of Indian Cusine Receipe

like; Soya Kofta Curry, Paneer Tikka, Yellow Dal Curry, Punjabi Garam Masala Sambar, Chicken tikka masala, Stuffed multigrain roasted bread, Biryani Masala, Fennel used in making of lot of pickles, Spicy Manga Pickle, Punjabi Achar, Hari Mirch ki Achar, Kerika Achar, Fennels is also eaten after meals for good digestion, Fennel Tea, Black Tea with Fennel,
Freshly Homemade Thandai, Paan Shots

A lot of discussion goes on a side effects of eating sounff (varyali, sompu). The Answer is there is “”No Side Effects”” of having sounff (Varyali, Sompu).

Benefits of Eating Sounff (Varyali, Sompu):

1.New Born babies are given Gripe Water – Fennels seed water is good for new born babies, as it helps keep their stomach in good condition. Fennel water also helps in food digestion.

2. Kashmiri Mint is sugar coated Sounff Sompu varyali is often eaten after meals to have good breathe, improve mouth flavour and leaves after chewing good effects. It is served in restaurant after meals along with bill or cheque.

3. Kashmiri Mitha is a Sounff (Varyali, Sompu )product is also eaten as Mouth Freshner, a lot of Indian prefer eating Mouth Freshner over chewing a gum. As Mouth Freshner (Kashmiri Mitha) is a Natural Product, it doesnt have harmful ingredients. It is a overall health building product. It leaves a good Flavour in mouth after chewing.

4. People having addiction of Chewing Tobacco and Smoking. Can over come the urge of chewing and smoking, by eating or chewing Kashmiri Mukhwas or Kashmiri Mint ( Sounf coated with Mint Flavours). Chewing Natural Ingredient is Health Helpful than in take of harmful Products. Smoking can damage Lungs but Kashmiri Mukhwas has beneficial Nutrients having Zero Side Effects. Tobacco on the other hand can cause Ulcer and intoxicating, whereas Kashmiri Mint has taste, sweet, fragrance effects on tongue and Nose. Kashmiri Mukhwas, Kashmiri Mitha and Kashmiri Mint are products which can be used to overcome smoking and chewing tobacco habbits.

Kashmiri Mukhwas, Kashmiri Mitha and Kashmiri Mint are products which can be taken by all age groups. Kashmiri Mukhwas, has nutrients which are required to do daily chores of life.

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