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About Us

We at Kashmiri Products introduce ourselves as Pioneers in processing and packaging of fennel seeds. It is a family owned business since 1972. What started as a home preparation is now developed into a Full Fledged Automated industry. Our industry is based upon the medicinal and well being values of fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are very effective for digestive problems.

They help to overcome gas, cramps, indigestion and many other digestive tract maladies. It’s also used as an herbal mouth freshener. Today Kashmiri Products has expanded its business all over Maharashtra and the products are famous and well known in the name of Kashmiri Mitha, Kashmiri Sounff, Kashmiri Dhanasoun, Kashmiri Swad, Kashmiri Dhanadal, Kashmiri Mint and Kashmiri Mishriya.

With more than 80 Distributors all over Maharashtra we have a well setup of marketing persons and sales staff who supervise the distributors and continuously look forward to increase Sales & Services.