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Application of Fennel Seeds: Kashmiri Products

Application of Fennel Seeds: Kashmiri Products

Beneficial for babies:

Gripe water is a non-prescription product sold in many countries around the world to relieve colic and other gastrointestinal ailments and discomforts of infants.


Fennel has a distinctive aroma and flavour that subtly enhances the taste of a dish.It is a popular digestive eaten after a meal.

Ayurvedic Home Remedies:

Boiled fennel seeds in a cup of water, cooled down and given to the baby in small quantities. This will help wash out cough from the infant’s body. It will help stimulate the appetite and boost the digestive enzymes.

Soups and Salads:

Adding fresh fennel seeds to your regular soups and broths with add a whiff of freshness and a burst of exquisite flavour to soups. A sprinkling atop salads will give a whole new character to meal.

Fennel seeds recipes:

Fennel sharbat-Variyali Sharbat  / Saunf / Fennel seeds drink is known for its pain relieving, digestion and cooling benefits for your body. Variyali Sharbat is a healthy drink to beat the summer heat. It is popular summer beverage in Gujarat.

Fennel seeds tea:

The easiest would be to simply add half a teaspoon of fennel seeds in your drinking water and sip on it all day long. Some people even add these to their daily cup of green tea.

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