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Sounff Sompu Varyali


Fennel Seeds

Sounff (Sompu, Varyali , Fennel seeds) is a very traditional after meals foods. It has got good fragrances. Fennel seeds is used as a ingredient in many indian and oriental cuisine. Sompu is consumed in different forms after meals. Sompu is known different in various languages. Tasty Good Quality Varyali – Kashmiri Products

Sounff in different languages

Maharashtra – Marathi – Badishep
Mahrashtra – Marathi – Saunf
Gujarat – Gujarathi – Varyali
Karnataka – Kannada  – Sompu
Punjab – Punjabi – Phainila
West Bengal – Bangla – Mauri
Tamil Nadu – Tamil – Peruñcīrakam
Kerala – Malyalam – perun̄jīrakaṁ
English – Fennel seeds

Benefits of Sounff Seeds

Fennels seeds has got medicinal value, it is consider to be good stomach related issues and to prevent bad breath.

How to Cure Bad Breath

Chewing of Fennel seeds , can help prevent or cure bad breath, we recommend buying products like Kashmiri Sompu or Kashmiri Mukhwas

Fennel  seeds ( Sounff)  is used in a lot of Indian Cusine Receipe like;

Fennel used in making of lot of pickles
Spicy Mango Pickle,
Punjabi Achar,
Soya Kofta Curry
Paneer Tikka
Yellow Dal Curry
Punjabi Garam Masala
Chicken tikka masala
Stuffed multigrain roasted bread
Biryani Masala
Hari Mirch ki Achar
Kerika Achar
Fennels is also eaten after meals for good digestion
Fennel Tea,
Black Tea with Fennel,
Freshly Homemade Thandai,
Paan Shots

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