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Healthy Munching Option with Kashmiri Mukhwas

Healthy Munching Option with Kashmiri Mukhwas

Healthy Options

Nowdays everyone is looking for healthy munching as lifestyle is changing. Everybody is looking for sitting jobs. Mukhwas is also considered to be Superfood Ingredients. People are not willing for physical work or activity. In this situation People having sitting job are tending to have general issues like acidity, Headache, disturbed Stomach, eyes sight issues. To counter all the issues with sitting jobs, one can have Sounf (Saunf, Sompu, Varyali). Sounf (Sompu, Varyali) is proven to be good overall.

Benefits of munching Sounf Mukhwas:

1. Since the ingredient in Mukhwas are all natural products given by Nature directly. Consuming any Natural Products in excess is never harmful.
2. Mukhwas consist of 7 seeds mix, all of these are natural products having good nutrients content.
3. It can also help people following a diet chart to control calorie count, as it is consider to be one of the Super foods.
4. People having stomach gas problem can also consume, it keep stomach good.
5. Kids prone to spending a lot of time on Video Games and playing sitting games, can have Mukhwas as it will help them keep their stomach in good condition.

Kashmiri Products being Natural in nature, has a lot of Health Benefits. It is good for digestion, as the content is Sounf (Fennel seeds). It is good for teeth , as chewing helps remove food stuck in the mouth. Chewing of Kashmiri Mukhwas also helps in removing of plaque in mouth. Kashmiri Sounff helps in overcome acidity. Kashmiri Products keeps your stomach good, helps boost your immunity. Kashmiri Sounff is good for babies, normally fennel water (gripe water) is given to babies during early stages, to keep their stomach good.

Adding Fresh Sounf to your soup and broths will add a whiff of freshness and a burst of exquisite flavour to soups. A sprinkle atop salads will give a whole new character to meal. Fennels Sharbhat -Varyali Sharbhat /Saunf /Soun/ fennel seeds drink is known for its pain relieving, digestion and cooling benefits for your body. It is popular summer beverage in Gujarat, India. Some people add fennel seeds in their daily Cup of Green Tea Consumption.

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