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Top 10 Health Benefits of Mukhwas

Top 10 Health Benefits of Mukhwas

Top 10 Health Benefits of Mukhwas: Mukhwas is consumed for various reason, occasions and Places. A Healthy Mukhwas can have ample benefits, provided it has got good healthy ingredients. Kashmiri Mukhwas is Tasty and Healthy, you can buy online from Kashmiri Products

Reduce Hypertension:

Essential sesame seeds have proven to reduce hypertension in number of research studies. Magnesium in sesame seeds, have also said to be good vasodilator. In short, Sesame seed helps in reduction of strain on cardio vascular system.

Prevent Cancer:

A range of vitamin and minerals from different ingredients (i.e. sesame (til), Ajowan (Ajwain), Fennel (sounff), Dhanadal (coriander seeds), turmeric, etc of Mukhwas it is of no surprise, that it is helpful in reduction of risk of cancer.
Apart from having anti-carcinogenic effect with the help magnesium, it also have traces of phyate, a cancer preventing compound it reduces antioxidant and effects of free radicals.


Reduce Asthma:

Content of Mukhwas helps in cleaning mucus from body and provide relief from cold and cough.

Helps reducing body weight:

Mukhwas with Ajwain (Ajowan) helps dissolve body fat and to reduce weight. To reap Mukhwas benefits sometime taken empty stomach can be helpful in weight loss.


Mukhwas consumption on daily basis can be helpful in overcoming trembles and shaking of limbs.


Mukhwas can also be excellent cure for Diarrhea.


Mukhwas is good for lactating women as it is helpful in increase of milk flow.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Mukhwas – Kashmiri Products, Kashmiri Mukhwas is liked and preferred by all age groups. It is served at home, restaurants, Offices, Marriage ceremony, etc.

There are more benefits of having Mukhwas but only Top 10 Health Benefits of Mukhwas – Kashmiri Products

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