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Sompu, Varyali, fennel seeds, Kashmiri Mitha, Kashmiri Mint, Kashmiri Mukhwas

Kashmiri Sounff Sompu Varyali removes bad breath

Kashmiri Sounff Sompu Varyali removes bad breath

Kashmiri Sounf Saunf Sompu Varyali helps in removing bad breath. Fennels Sompu Varyali Sounff Sounf Saunf being fibrous, small strand helps in clearing collecting food particle in Mouth. By removing food left over particle for long time, a person can get have Good Breath.
Saunf is also called as Sompu, Varyali, Sounf, etc.

Benefits of Having good breath:

1. Personal Hygiene is improved.
2. People can come close to you while talking.
3. A boost in confidence is noted statistical with people having good breath.
4. It can also help in improving communication as confidence is enhanced.

Some of the products that can help in boost in good breath or removes bad breathe is

Kashmiri Mitha , Kashmiri Mukhwas, Kashmiri Mint, Kashmiri Sounff. Kashmiri products have additional Flavour and Fragances that enhance breath.

Kashmiri Product can be used as non-prescribed product, as it contains fennel seeds. Fennel seeds helps to relieve colic and other Gastrointestinal aliments and discomforts for Infants. Kashmiri Sounff has a aroma and flavour that subtly enhance the taste of a dish. It is popularly eaten after a meal. Boiled fennels in a cup of water, cooled down and given to baby in small quantity. this will help wash out cough from the infant’s body. It will help stimulate the appetite and boost the digestive enzymes.

There are more benefits of consuming Kashmiri Sompu. 1 Cup of fennel bulb contains almost 20% daily requirement of vitamin C. Which makes fennel quite a rich source of this beneficial element of our diet. Vitamin-C improves general immune system health , produces and repair skin tissues. Fennels seeds helps in forming collagen, and also protect the blood vessel walls as an antioxidant against the harmful effects on free radicals. Free radical can frequently lead to Heart Diseases.

Kashmiri Products has various sub brand like Kashmiri Mitha, Kashmiri Dhansoun, Kashmiri Mint, Kashmiri Mukhwas, Kashmiri Mishriya, Kashmiri Sounff, Kashmiri Dhanadal. It is one of the most preferred brand for Mukhwas. It is mostly liked in Maharshtra, India. It is good for all age group. Kashmiri Product is a brand delivering Trust and Taste from last 5 decades. It is available almost on all leading online platforms. In Offline mode it is avaible in nearest Pan-Shops or Kirana Shops.

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