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Mukhwas Receipe

Mukhwas being a widely eaten food after meal, as a casual snack. It is widely consumed at home, office, restaurant. Mukhwas is generally consumed by all age group. Mukhwas has a variety of health benefits like it helps in digestion, gives good breathe, leave a good flavor in mouth after chewing. A lot of people prepare a small portion of variety of mukhwas at home on a monthly basis. Women keep trying to prepare various variety of Mukhwas Receipe to touch different taste buds in family. Today we are going to just share a small process and Ingredient that goes in Mukhwas. Different people eat different type of Mukhwas, but eat colorful Mukhwas, But Eating Colorful Mukhwas is not a good idea, as it may contain added Colors. We at Kashmiri Mukhwas make the most healthy and Tasty Mukhwas. Our Mukhwas can be consumed by pregnant ladies. Our mukhwas can be also called as Ayurvedic Mukhwas.

Take following ingredients as per your Taste for Mukhwas Receipe:

  • Sounff / Fennel / Saunf
  • Dhanadal / Coriander
  • Til / Seasame
  • Sugar
  • Ajwain
  • Turmeric / Haldi

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