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Sweet Sompu

Sweet Sompu

Sweet Fennel seeds (Sounff Sompu Varyali). It is Finest Sugar Coated Sounff. It can be served to all Age Group. People have it after Meals. The Sounff is grown organically. Fennel seeds are the finest quality in the globe. Kashmiri Mishriya is the Best Quality Sounff in World, it is finest grown Edible seeds. Utmost Care is taken in the Initial stages of Growth, to get the best yield. This is the Best brand of Fennel seeds and the most preferred and Bought quality of Sounff. Sweet Sompu goes can go in a lot of Mukhwas or Mouthfreshner as a basic ingredient.

Sugar Coated Sounff is served in Restaurant after meals with cheque or bill.

Best Brand of Sugar Coated Sounff

Kashmiri Mint is the Best Quality and finest sugar coated sounff with great flavours, it can be easily bought online.

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